Five ways to prepare for meeting an escort

Preparing for a hot meet-up with an escort is probably the best type of homework you will have had because it is centred on you. This type of preparation will ensure the experience lives up to your expectations and is one you will want to revisit hopefully more than once. There are lots of things you can do beforehand, which always begins with research, but these are what we think is the most vital five.

  1. Know the type of experience you want to have

What drives someone to spend time with an escort varies from person to person. Clients come an escorts agency wanting to reignite their libido, learn more about how to please a woman, for the thrill, a break from the norm, to fulfil a long-time fantasy, and much more. For you to have the best possible experience and to assist an escort is creating this experience, both you and her need to know what you want. An escort’s list of services will guide you on whether she offers what you desire and then you can talk about it with her in more depth. Being overly crude about sexual acts is not the way to go for this conversation, but do be straightforward and open.

  1. Be sure you have chosen the best escort for you

First things first, make a list of what you want your escort to look like. It seems shallow but it is better to be specific so an agency can match you to a suitable woman. From experience, it is unlikely your list will contain characteristic so obscure it makes the task impossible, however definitely be willing to compromise. Now once you are ready to go beyond the physical features, remember you will be in the company of this woman and vice versa for 30 minutes or more. There will be conversation and intimacy between you which is only as good as the level of compatibility between you both so choose based on both looks and personality.

  1. Arrive or be ready on time

Nobody likes to be kept waiting for no good reason. You risk the date getting off on the wrong, especially if the escort has travelled far and faces an uncomfortable wait somewhere unfamiliar. Regardless of why the date is delayed, your allocated slot will not change so you will pay for the time. However, things do happen so make sure you agree on a way of contacting the escort if you end up being behind, or have to cancel the booking last minute. Agencies accommodate for this by making you pay a deposit and possibly a late cancellation fee, and independent escorts will have their own system too which you will need to abide by. Use a route planner to ensure you know where you are headed.

  1. Know your escort’s fees

The typical way of doing things is handing over an envelope with the exact amount of cash in it, or with an agency, paying over the phone via debit or credit card. In any case, you must be happy with the fees before confirming the booking, but also be clear on what the amount does and does not include. Should you want to extend a booking – how do you go about that? This is another common question which will make sense to ask beforehand. Never ever try to negotiate a fee other than what you have been quoted. It is a huge no-no and extremely rude.

  1. Create a safe and private environment

Escorts get nervous too even though they are the professionals. Despite their best efforts and those of an agency, they will have had encounters with not so pleasant clients so it is really important to consider this. Make sure your home is secured from the outside but that the internal doors are not locked. For clients do not live alone, ensure nobody else is home and the surroundings are clean, clutter-free and well lit. Being tipsy or drunk is not considered creating a safe environment and is frowned upon so psyche yourself up another way or the date will probably just be cancelled on the spot.

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