Four International Bachelor Party Destination Cities

Las Vegas is often considered the ideal destination for a good, old-fashioned bachelor party but don’t cut yourself short. There are many amazing cities across the globe perfectly positioned to offer you an unforgettable experience.  

That in mind, here four popular international bachelor party destination cities.


A snow skier’s paradise, Whistler resort is not just a place to hit the slopes.  While incredibly popular during the regular ski season, the West-coast Canada skier’s Shangri-la has more than enough powder for a lifetime of hitting the slopes.  But the town is also home to one of the best downtown scenes around. That means those bachelor’s looking for a killer weekend getaway with the boys before tying the knot could find everything he is looking for just north of the US-Canada border. Along with delicious local and international cuisine, the club scene will intoxicate long into the night.


While many might see this more as a honeymoon destination than one for a bachelor’s party, a voyage to Costa Rica might be just what the doctor ordered before settling down.  Obviously, the tropical island offers gorgeous panoramic views for a relaxing getaway but there’s more to this castaway key than meets the eye.  From excellent fishing charters to exciting zip-line or ATV tours you are sure to find plenty to do during the day, if you aren’t jetting off on bikini-babe-laden party boats, of course.  


A wild city whose vibrant life rivals many of the most intense metropolitan areas of the West, Tokyo offers 24-hour karaoke bars, just to start. Obviously, Japan has quite the reputation for exotic entertainment so beware that strip clubs can get surprisingly interactive.  Couple that with delectable international cuisine, this fast-paced experience is surely one to remember…if you can.


Coastal cities of Spain—like Ibiza—boast everything from boating to swimming to beach-gazing but there is so much more to this countryside town.  For one, the Spanish club Privilege is the biggest club on the planet, and crowds of gorgeous faces love to learn that a bachelor party is in their midst.  After a long night on the town you can simply get some rest and sunshine at any of the many gorgeous beaches.  You can also partake in para-sailing or visit any of the natural wonders abound. Of course, the rest of Europe is not far away, too.

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