Ideas For Him To Celebrate The First Valentine

If you are taking time with your partner, you are still getting to know him or her; it is possible that you do not feel like celebrating a typical Valentine, with its romantic dinners, love letters and bouquets of red roses. All this can be excessive or artificial when you are not yet a stable couple. But if you want to do something special on February 14, here are valentine ideas for him (guys) to celebrate the first Valentine as a couple.

Dinner Yes, But Informal

No need to book at an expensive restaurant or get ready to go to a party. You can dine together in a stylish fast food joint, go for a few rounds of drinks in several bars or choose a place where they serve exotic food. 

Or, Brunch Or Snack

Nor is there a reason to have a date just that night. If you are tired or have to get up early, they can stay at mid-morning to enjoy a delicious brunch somewhere beautiful. Or see your partner in the afternoon for a walk in the park and get into a charming cafeteria to enjoy chocolate or pancakes with cream or other delicacies.

To sweat together!

Not necessarily (or not only) in bed. Playing sports as a couple can also be romantic and fun. Suggestions: a revitalizing walk in the mountains, an afternoon skating on ice, a race in the park or a yoga session (in many centers, the first class is free). Surely physical exercise will put you in a good mood and encourages them to share confidences and feel more and more united.

Shared Memories

As you are still getting to know each other, Valentine’s Day can be a very nice time to share something more of your lives with each other. Take her or him to your town, to the neighborhood where you grew up or to that area of ​​your city that has a special meaning for you. Be relaxed and tell your partner anecdotes of your past and stories of your childhood, talk about how your life was when you were little or the dreams you had then. And of course, listen to your partner with the same attention..

Go Hot And Sultry In The Bed

Just spend some money for some sexy lingerie and fetish wear. You will be surprised how great a gift that can be. It is a gift for the both of you actually. You will have a really great night.

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