Things You Shouldn’t Lie About to Your Woman

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When it comes to a relationship, there are some factors that affect it to be a successful one. Many relationships fail due to the lack of these factors and it is heart breaking. Trust is one such factor which affects for the success of a relationship and it is really important to trust each other in a relationship. There are many ways that you can lost the trust of your partner. One of the major reasons is lying. Lying to your partner is not good under any circumstance. Especially for the white men looking for black women. They do not like their men lying to them about things. And when it comes to the things that you should not lie about to your woman, there are some special and important case. Following are some of them.

  • Your age

There are some men who get into relationships with women lying about their age. Age is not a barrier for having relationships. But you must be truthful to the woman whom you are with about your age because there are some women who consider the age factor. So do not lie on this regard.

  • Your family background

You should tell the truth about your family background to the woman who you are dating; whether you are living alone or with your parents and if you are a middle aged man, you might have kids from your previous relationships or marriages and it is important to mention those stuff to your woman, so that you can enter in to a relationship with a better understanding.

  • With whom you are hanging out

We all have friends and hangout buddies. So you should mention about those people to your woman, so that if an emergency occur and she cannot get connected to you, then she can call someone that you usually hangout with which create a better chance to get connected to you.

  • Late reasons

You might get late to come home after work or because of any other reason. Say the truth about the reason for your late, so that it will not be creating any drama. If you lie about the reason for late and she finds out the truth, then there will be many issues for you to face.

  • Your ex-girlfriends

You might have had previous relationships with some other girls or women and you need to mention about those things. So that she will be in a relationship with you with a better understanding.

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