I was on a plane (again) the other day travelling from Malaga back to the UK. All in all the journey was boring but in a good way, I would rather not have any surprises when I am flying out on a short visit. As I was travelling alone amongst lots of lovely holidaymakers, most of whom where flying back after a few days in the sunshine, well in the rain but that’s a totally different post.

It was a mid afternoon flight so people were chatting and pretty much awake, unlike early or late flights when you are surrounded by tanned zombies who have had had too much Sangria. Do not get me wrong, I love men who are drunk and/or stoned. They are the mainstay of my escort agency. My high class Ibiza escort girls would be out of business if we only dealt with men who are sober. So I do not have a problem with men who are drunk or high. And I can usually tune out pretty much anything when I am travelling. Give me a good book and I can ignore almost everything and disappear into the world of literature or history.

I was happy enough to read my book for the timespan of the journey however I became intrigued by a conversation that I overheard. So after the drinks trolley had delivered my usual over priced brew I precedented to doze and kept listening to the two gentlemen on the seat behind me. I know its naughty but it was a public place and where you hear the subject of the chat I am sure that you will be as fascinated as I was.

The conversation started in a innocent enough way with Gentleman A saying that he was returning home to his wife of 20 years. It seams that they had lived together on the Costa Del Sol for a number of years before his wife had expressed a desire to return to the UK. He however really didn’t want to leave Spain and the chilled out lifestyle that he had grown to love. So a practical compromise was agreed. As the children had grown and already left home both of them could pretty much please themselves in terms of life style. So he stayed in Spain and she relocated back to the old family home in the UK. Which seemed like an intriguing solution.

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